Welcome to The Flow Group


So now what?

Launching a business is equal parts exhilaration and fear, which thankfully is a good thing. I’m here because I love what I do: strategic communications, branding, social media… it’s all fun. And being an entrepreneur gives me some leeway in terms of what work I do, which suits my style just fine.

I also get to travel throughout B.C. as I meet with clients and help them through their communication challenges and needs. The ultimate perk is being able to mix work with my love of the outdoors (and boy does this province rock with some of the best biking, skiing and hiking anywhere on the planet).

I plan to share insight on¬†industry trends, what’s hot and what’s not in social media, tips and trick, and PR news that’s relevant to my clients.¬†Follow along and learn tips on running your own social media account, ideas on getting noticed, and the latest digital and social tools.

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